Big Hid by Roisin Swales

'Big and Little do everything together. Until one day, Big suddenly hides away inside his shell. Little tries all he can to get Big to come out, but when your best friend is feeling down, sometimes they just need a little bit of time… and a big hug!'

Like the children's films of Pixar and Dreamworks, a successful children's book should appeal to readers of any age. In doing so it should no longer need to be referred to as a 'children's book' but simply a 'picture book'. Such is the case with 'Big Hid', the simple story of a squirrel and a turtle who are best pals. Any adult who does not enjoy this picture book as much as their child is probably a sociopath. Not only is it flippin' adorable, it is a universally relatable tale of true friendship that may well bring a wee tear to your eye.

The design of Big Hid is beautifully considered from end to end. I keep leaving it on the top of my book pile so that I can gaze adoringly at the cover at regular intervals. The colour palette is limited to a range of lush, fruity colours, tangerine orange and grape. This gives the book a striking sense of continuity and cohesiveness - it is a short but sumptuous visual feast. It's like eating a fruit salad with your eyes.

Go buy it? Mate. Obviously.   

Flying Eye Books, 2017. Available now from Ekor Book Shop Cafe.